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Poetry of life, love, pain and gain. Geared toward women on women's issues and studies. Book can be ordered directly through the author and signed by e-mail request bmoyer37@aol.com or use amazon.com to order. Check out site www.bernadetteamoyer.com
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From the seat of a tractor to the seat of a car driven in search of a peach stand, the poems gathered here deal with dirt, toil, memory, history, and bliss. Horne carefully selected and sequenced the more than 100 poems in this collection within a thematic structure, and is clearly blown away by...
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Salmon: A Journey in Poetry 1981-2007 celebrates 26 years of innovative and exciting Irish and international poetry. The organization of the volume is simple: two poems from the poet’s Salmon collection (or collections) and one uncollected poem. Detailed biographical notes for each poet, and a...
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The loss of a child is the hardest thing any parent will suffer. Mourning Has Broken is the chronicle in poetry , of the first year of grieving the untimely and sudden death of a teenage child. The book is comprised of prose entries and poetry in traditional and non-traditional style and features...