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Alabama, 1942. The war is everywhere, but Victor--a sixteen-year old boy sent by his father to care for his dying grandmother on a lonely island in Mobile Bay--can only dream of it. Then he wakes one amazing night to a thunderous roar from the Bay, and watches as a thug burns his boat. He also...
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What would you do if your best friend was murdered-and your teenaged son was accused of the crime? How far would you go to protect him? How many lies would you tell? Would you dare to admit the darkest truths-even to yourself? Jeanne Cross is an ordinary suburban wife and mother...
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The time is the late 1970s--an age of gas shortages, head shops and "Saturday Night Fever." The place, suburban New Jersey. At a time when the teenagers around him are coming of age, Robin MacKenzie is coming undone. While "normal boys" are into cars, sports and bullying their...
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Meet Peter Joseph, aka Peejoe, a wide-eyed believer in the unbelievable, raised by his Meemaw in Pigeon Creek for a good part of his life. But it was his aunt Lucille who raised him for the better. And it all happened during that summer everyone was driven crazy in Alabama, with Lucille at the...
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Original jacket copy: An uproariously funny and deeply moving novel about growing up in the South by the acclaimed author of Crazy in Alabama. When Daniel Musgrove's family moves to a small Mississippi town at the beginning of his junior year, he faces all the pain and thrills of adolescence,...
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The flying children from When the Wind Blows are back at last for a thriller that tests the limits of the imagination—it’s a suspense story that really soars.
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The classic account of the hurdles facing adolescent girls in America—now reissued with a new foreword, to coincide with the award-winning author’s new book on women and identity. Inspired by a study by the American Association of University Women that showed girls’ self-esteem plummeting as they...
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SOLITAIRE A Memoir of Anorexia Originally published when Liu was just 25, Solitaire is America's first memoir of anorexia. Liu describes her battles with food, weight, and alienation, in and out of the modeling profession, as a teenager of the sixties.
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The coming-of-age novel that Barry Gifford was born to write, Memories from a Sinking Ship recounts a uniquely American childhood and adolescence through a boy’s travels with his mother and occasional time spent with an ailing gangster father. Memories from a Sinking Ship completes the spellbinding...
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After years of estrangement following the death of her child and a painful divorce, Maddie Addison returns to the childhood cottage that has been the summer home to her family for five generations.  As her mother lies dying , Maddie becomes reacquainted with her extended family in such a way that...