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Addiction and Recovery | Addiction and Recovery

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From New York Times bestselling author of Symptoms of Withdrawal and Moments of Clarity Christopher Kennedy Lawford comes a book that will save lives. For most of his early life, Christopher Kennedy Lawford battled life-threatening drug and alcohol addictions. Now in recovery for more than 25...
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“Poignant and inspirational, comical and terrifying! From one page to the next, readers are in the hands of an author who knows how to paint a scene!”              —Kirkus  “. . .a fascinating, poetic memoir. . .”    ...
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Writers on the Edge offers a range of essays, memoirs and poetry written by major contemporary authors who bring fresh insight into the dark world of addiction, from drugs and alcohol, to sex, gambling and food. Editors Diana Raab and James Brown have assembled an array of talented and courageous...
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Tales of Addiction contains true grit tales told by people you will never meet but whose words will haunt you for months, years maybe. The contributors are not well known, they are not names you will recognize. The stories are written by every day people trying to stay straight and sober, and...
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American Junkie is the story of a musician and heroin dealer during the punk and grunge movements in Seattle. It's American. It’s human underground. Tom Hansen takes us non-stop into a land of desperate addicts, failed punk bands, and brushes with sad fame. It’s a story that takes us from...
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Already sloshed from one-too-many drinks at a faculty party, Leah Thornton cruises the supermarket aisles in search of something tasty to enhance her Starbucks—Kahlua, for example. Two confrontations later—one at the grocery store and the other with her friend Molly—Leah is sitting in the office of...
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An unexpected glimpse of sanity is presented daily in this brash offering from Sherrie T. a woman whose animal crackers are way out of their box, you get to see life from unimagined vistas. She makes the suggestions into taunts and teasingly lures you into living to the edges of your possibilities...
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Dr. Sinor summons past and present spiritual greats to speak on the pages of An Inspirational Guide for the Recovering Soul then she adds her own spiritual perceptions. The result rekindles and brightens the inner flame of each seeker. Some books are meant to be read and remembered; others become...