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Essay on Joyce Carol Oates' novel Blonde about Marilyn Monroe as a 1950s working class heroine. Essay argues Oates uses literary techniques of modernism in her novel which is a important comment on both the actress and American culture.
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From the bestselling author of The Egyptologist and Prague comes an equally accomplished and entirely surprising new novel. Angelica is a spellbinding Victorian ghost story, an intriguing literary and psychological puzzle, and a meditation on marriage, childhood,...
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When David Walton, a little-known American playwright, abandons his wife, his three-year-old daughter, and his unborn child for Sarah Cope, a renowned star of the English stage and screen, it causes an international scandal. Though not for the same reasons, his behavior shocks even the person who...
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Relive 75 years of Hollywood history through the lives and deaths of 31 people who helped to build it, how their lives helped to create the city and the industry, how their tragic or mysterious deaths contributed to its mystique. It is an enduring tribute to the public and private lives of stars...