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Tony Boccaccio is after a bag of cash that he believes is his. Max Burke thinks otherwise and has hired two couriers to take the money to California. Mickey Soto is a commercial pilot hauling freight and instructing students from a small, Florida airport. Tony hires Mickey and his airplane to go...
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The Red Cross of Gold series of adventure novels follows the adventures and misadventures of the Chevalier du Morte, Assassin and Alchemist, poor Knight of Solomon's Temple, Mark Andrew Ramsay. He is the son of a minor Scottish nobleman sent off to join the Crusades just before the fall of...
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After a stint in the Marine Corps, T.R. Bare tries to adjust to civilian life, but to do what? He bums down the East Coast doing odd jobs, working on the occasional fishing or dive boat until he comes to the end of the line, Key West. Here he finds the boat of his dreams and the love of his life....
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Jeff Barkil is the main character from my two action novels, BEARKILLER and HALO. The short story is another adventure. He is now a senior citizen and takes on three “Gang Bangers” that break into his house in the middle of the night.
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NATO headquarters in Brussels is blown up by unknown terrorists who demand an exorbitant amount of money from the Allies. If their demand is not met within 72 hours, they will start to kill world leaders in alphabetical order. Bruno Falesco, head of Interpol, needing fast action and absolute...
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Do you believe in reincarnation? BEARKILLER is a fast paced adventure novel that takes a man from the present to over two hundred years in the past, to possibly a past life! Jeff Barkil has a passion for hunting. It seems to have been an integral part of his being since he was a boy. But he has...
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Hanshi is the highest rank attainable in the martial arts world. To receive this rank a man must be a very skilled and field-proven warrior, an exemplary teacher and a leader of men. But he is also a person. He prefers anonymity unless something extraordinary brings him to the forefront where he...
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Fear be damned… …is the code photojournalist Rorie Lindsay lives by. Free of her abusive ex-husband, she celebrates her divorce with a one-night stand then heads to her next photo shoot in the Panamanian jungles, thirsting for adventure. Finally sensing her life is her own, Rorie relishes her...