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Theodora is a perfectly normal duck. She may swim with a teacup balanced on her head and stay north when the rest of the ducks fly south for the winter, but there's nothing so odd about that. Chad, on the other hand, is one strange bird. Theodora quite likes him, but she can't overlook his odd...
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Willy Goes to the Farm is a children’s story of love, tolerance, and recognizing the unique talents of others.  Children all over the world sing about Old Mac’s farm.  Quacks, moos and oinks are just a few of the sounds that echo all day long at the farm.  Old Mac’s farm is a magical place where...
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A yo-yo dieter tires of being the skinny bitch as much as she did the fat chick and goes in search of balance -- both physically and emotionally. Although the novel deals with weight issues, it taps weightier issues such as acceptance and forgiveness.
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Bird enjoys flying through the skies, eating worms and splashing around in his favorite red swim trunks.  He's used to flying around unnoticed, but what happens when the neighborhood kids see him soaring through the air in a bathing suit?
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Bobby's Diner is a story of a woman trying to find herself in a town where nobody wants her. Georgette Carlisle, twenty-five when she saunters into the rustic town of Sunnydale, Arizona, snags husband, Bobby, away from another woman, Vanessa Carlisle. After he dies - fifteen years later when the...
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Eleven-year-old Marnie Evans longs to be precious. She wishes on stars for parents who adore her, even though her family is dysfunctional. She also believes jack rabbits and a boot-wearing Texas angel show her mysterious signs of things to come. To escape her mother's neglect over summer break,...
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Life. Beauty. Womanhood. That's what tattoos today are all about. Join the women of Chick Ink in this celebration of the tattoos that grace our bodies, tell our stories, and mark forever the significant moments of our lives. Because if you're a woman with a tattoo, you're woman enough for...
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"I love you. The meeting ran late. I want a divorce." One little word, one casual lie, one devastating announcement--and our lives are turned upside down forever. In "He Said" What?," " twenty-six gifted women writers share profoundly personal moments in which a man in their life said something...