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Nan and her four-year-old granddaughter Jane are taking their first airplane trip together, flying from Seattle to the East Coast.  But this is no ordinary excursion.  Nan is abducting Jane.  Nan's daughter, Alex, believes Jane's father has been sexually abusing her, and she's asked...
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A .32 caliper pistol found at the scene with the victim's fingerprints on it. The medical examiner declares that the victim, Marlowe Black's pregnant fiancé's, death was caused by suicide.Two of his friends are seriously wounded shot on different days hundreds of miles apart while Marlowe stood...
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Lilia Albert has been leaving people behind for her entire life. She spends her childhood and adolescence traveling constantly and changing identities. In adulthood, she finds it impossible to stop. Haunted by an inability to remember her early childhood, she moves restlessly from city to city,...
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The year is 2023, and an alien invader has infiltrated the human race. In a dangerous future threatened by aliens and infiltrated by hybrids, archeologist Celene Dupres witnesses her father's murder. Vowing to avenge him and retrieve his precious alien relics, she finds the perfect ally and...