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Stairway To Nowhere is the true story of late 1970’s, Birmingham, UK band Fàshiön. In the brief spotlight of their fifteen minutes of fame, Fàshiön toured both the USA and UK as opening band for The Police, did a UK club tour with a then unknown band from Ireland called U2, opened for The B52’S on...
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This stunning literary debut paints a vivid portrait of growing up, discovering love, and awakening to the reality of life in a nation on the verge of revolution in the 1970s. Rooftops of Tehran opens in a middle-class neighborhood in Iran’s sprawling capital city. The rooftop of the narrator’s...
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In 1970's San Francisco there was a brief interlude when sex was more associated with pleasure than with sickness or sin.  This is the story of one woman's search for love, good sex, and happiness with a series of often bisexual or gay men.  For some this will be a fantasy, for others a...
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I Sold the Moon is a true story from the 1970’s of the original Moon Man, a silver-suited street performer and comic philosopher. For ten years, Moon Man crisscrossed America selling "lunar real estate," transportation not provided. Told in the first person, I Sold the Moon explores how a...