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Walk is the story of a journey taken on foot, a deadly perambulation down the wild coastline of Southern Africa. It started at Lambasi in northern Pondoland and it ended not far from what we now know as Port Elizabeth. It is a hike that every South African should have the privilege of taking. For...
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"Told entirely through dialogue, this quirky tale of period pirate wannabees makes a jeu d'esprit of the privateer life even as it baldly de-romanticizes it. Its protagonists, two unnamed brothers (one of whom might not be male), put out to sea from their Nantucket home in 1718 bedazzled by...
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A musical prodigy of the 21st century encounters the phantom of her counterpart of the 18th century when she plays the glass harmonica, invention of Benjamin Franklin. You can hear a fine example of the mystical sound of glass music here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKRj-T4l-e8    Go to http://...