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In 1792, Paris is in flames and the hungry guillotine waits . . . . In The Last Gift, the reader is woven into the fabric of the French Revolution, one of the most chaotic and violent social upheavals of all time. Strong and resourceful heroines, an intrepid hero and a complex and terrifying...
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 In her adult title Harem: The World behind the Veil (1989), Croutier explored the Grand Harem in Istanbul's Tokapi Palace, and she returns to this evocative setting in her first novel for young people.  The year is 1720. Twelve-year-old Leyla has always been privy to a happy lifestyle in Istanbul...
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  Chester, 1756: The hospital stench. The blood. The lecherous surgeon. Mary Helsall does not want to be a nurse. It is a job that will have to suffice for now – at least until she has accomplished the task she came to the city to do. In the meantime, rotgut gin and a volatile relationship with...
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Haunted by the ghosts of characters memorialized in their songs, a pair of lovers must uncover the truth behind the ghosts' deaths. When Ringan Laine, British folk musician, becomes the owner of a restored eighteenth-century cottage, he discovers right away that the cottage and the ancient barn on...
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T.Coraghessan Boyle’s first novel, Water Music is a funny, bawdy, extremely entertaining tale of imaginative and stylistic fancy that announced to the world Boyle’s tremendous gifts as a storyteller. Set in the late eighteenth century, Water Music follows the wild adventures of Ned Rise, thief and...