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The Middle East | The Middle East

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Middle-East Mezze is a sumptuous buffet of lyricism and imagery.   Radavich takes us to Iraq, Palestine and Egypt and, during our journey, forces us to question how such rich ancient cultures could have fallen into such desperation.  A poignant reminder of splendid heritage, these poems...
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A vivid and beautifully crafted chronicle of an exile's return to Palestine.   Summoned by his dying mother, Palestinian-born Aziz Shihab returns to the homeland he and his family fled as refugees decades earlier: to a Palestine reclaimed by Israelis and to a country no longer that of his...
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"I was late to school, and that's all I could think about. I started across the field. And then suddenly a fire flashed in my face and the earth seemed to move beneath my feet. I remember a shower of soil and then nothing. I woke up on the ground, surrounded by a crowd, men and boys...no women...