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Born in Calcutta and schooled in the United States, beautiful, luminous Tara leaves her American husband behind as she journeys back to India. But the Calcutta she finds on her return—seething with strikes, riots, and unrest—is vastly different from the place she remembers. In this taut, ironic...
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Jessamy “Jess” Harrison is eight years old. Sensitive, whimsical, possessed of an extraordinary and powerful imagination, she spends hours writing haiku, reading Shakespeare, or simply hiding in the dark warmth of the airing cupboard. As the child of an English father and a Nigerian mother, Jess...
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Ruth is a self-sufficient woman who makes her living as a ghostwriter for self-help books. She lives with her long-term boyfriend, Art Kamen, and acts as a step-mother to Art’s two teenage daughters, Dory and Fia from a previous marriage. Meanwhile LuLing is showing signs of Dementia, Ruth...