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Short stories set in the San Francisco Bay Area, exploring what happens when the seemingly fixed coordinates of our lives abruptly give way. The main characters share a fundamental predicament, the struggle to name and embrace some faith that can break their fall.
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Thirty-two tales of horror from acclaimed author Donna Burgess. Enter the world of vampire, zombies, ghosts and people who aren't quite sane. Travel the darkest roads, from the American South to the Chernobyl contamination zone and find out what lies in wait. FOR MATURE READERS.
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This box is for you. It's all yours, to do with as you wish. Keep it closed and it stays dark in there, entire worlds trapped in endless night. Keep it closed and its inhabitants are unable to excite you, thrill you, touch you. Maybe it's better that way. It's difficult to judge what is safe and...
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Before God created light, there was darkness. Even after He illuminated the world, there were shadows — shadows that allowed the darkness to fester and infect the unwary. The tales found within Dead Souls explore the recesses of the soul; those people and creatures that could not escape the shadows...
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Thirteen stories take you from one hold-your-breath chapter to the next.  Enter the closet… Introduction A Grave Error The Death of an Old Cow Maid of Dishonor Atrophy Pic
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The lazy days of summer are always filled with fun and adventure, a great time for being out of school; no teachers and no home work. But, by the time those hot, summer days comes to an end, you are ready to get back to your school books, hang out with your school friends, and meet your new teacher...
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The world is a dark place, even in daylight. DRAGGED INTO DARKNESS features tales of horror from the subtle to the extreme. The characters are ordinary people who are ripped from their daily routines into a dark world. DRAGGED INTO DARKNESS is filled with characters who are one step from light and...
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Creativity is something like magic. One form might feed the other, providing inspiration, sparking ideas, fueling the creative juices. For the authors contained within this unique anthology, the source of inspiration was the music of Bruce Springsteen. Themes, lines, song titles . . . whatever it...
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The road to crime begins with a single decision—the wrong one. Not every decision belongs to the criminally minded. Some belong to the ill-informed, the weak and the plain unlucky. In these tales, trouble isn't an indiscriminate force of nature. It's a manmade occurrence that comes when called upon...
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New York Times bestselling author Lee Child has teamed up with the International Thriller Writers for First Thrills, a showcase of many of the organization’s bestselling authors as well as rising stars in the genre. First Thrills will include never-before-published stories by New York Times...