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In this collection of touching short stories by Iowa Writers’ Workshop grad Seth Harwood, we are introduced to Adam Berkman, a young man growing up in a world that’s very different from the depictions of American families he sees on TV. Like Boston to Orlando, Adam finds that his life is indeed A...
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Devastated by love and nearly killed in a car crash, Lynn Sanderson disappeared, returning five years later with a new name, a new face, and a plan... Adrian Cahill didn't realize his ideal woman, his soul mate, was right in front of him, so Lynn walked away from their stagnant relationship. She...
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What happens when a 31-year-old straight woman falls in love with a lesbian? It's 1993, and Gwen Sullivan is agitated. She's been married and divorced and is now living with her scientist boyfriend who loses himself in dark moods. Her job at a tutoring center and her work on the Bill Clinton-for-...
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A Very Special Child by Debra Shiveley Welch is a wonderful book written with child-like wonder. Debra removes the stigma of adoption by showing adopted children everywhere that they are indeed special, wanted and loved. Debra demonstrates how the birth mother served a significant role in preparing...
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"He is adopted and very proud of it," reads the blurb on the back cover of this interesting little paperback. "Just Chris" begins just as one would expect - at the beginning of Chris. We learn some of the difficulties encountered in finding willing adoptive families for those...
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When you were young and idealistic, who was the person you saw in the mirror? What were your expectations and those of your family and community? And now that you're older and have attained prominence, how do you feel about the person you have become and the direction your life has actually taken?...
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A poem about loss
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A young woman travels alone to a remote island to uncover a past she never knew was hers in this thrilling modern ghost story When a mysterious letter lands in Hallie James’s mailbox, her life is upended. Hallie was raised by her loving father, having been told her mother died in a fire decades...
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Many women in their mid-thirties and beyond find themselves reluctantly single, and begin to panic, believing that time is running out. Will they never meet a life partner? Will they miss out on having children? Finally, help is at hand! Annie Harrison's unique text examines the topic of overcoming...