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How to Win a Fight with a Conservative and How to Win a Fight with a Liberal are the ultimate survival guides for anyone who's ever fantasized about smacking sense into a delusional adversary, but never learned to land a proper punch. With the 2008 presidential election approaching, these...
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A Scotsman tries to fit into his new suburban American personality. The result. Total Failure.
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Salty Dogs by Jean M. Fogle is packed with photographs of dogs living in the moment as they frolic on the beach. Fogle's engaging photos show a variety of breeds swimming, playing, romping, surfing and lounging in the water and on the sand. The pages are also sprinkled with humorous and inspiring...
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When Harold Ross founded The New Yorker in 1925, he described it as a “comic weekly.
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Joni Rodgers lives in Houston, Texas, where big hair is a God-given right. It’s prerequisite for a real estate license, as natural as Naugahyde, as important as Elvis. But at thirty-two, Joni was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and aggressive cancer of the immune system, and she lost her...
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Live the Journey...Experience the Horror...Discover the Truth. CATHARSIS tells the story of a troubled young woman with special gifts and heavy burders... In an attempt to escape mysterious forces that may ultimately destroy her, Eve Shelby packs up her little sister, Dez, and embarks on a...
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Dorky New England teenager Holly Baker meets fashionable Stacy Goldfarb and is invited to New York City. Their unique friendship results in a wildly successful fashion company allowing them access to “A” list actors and directors. The lucky streak ends when they borrow production money from Stacy’s...
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A kick-ass collection of essays by 37 funny, independent women, writing about all aspects of the single life -- from buying a house without a spouse to battling pressure from family and friends to that baffling search for Mr. Right Sperm Donor. Contributors include Margaret Cho, Jane Ganahl, Susan...
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How to Date in a Post-Dating World is a funny, journalistic take on the traditional dating manual, filled with dating horror stories from today's savvy singles, commentary on the latest, greatest trends in dating and mating, and interviews and advice from experts on everything from sex to serial...