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"Reading Thoreau's Laundry is like taking many journeys with the best possible traveling companion, one who makes the world more vivid, more resonant, more interesting at the deepest level."--Margot Livesey The twelve stories in Ann Harleman's second fiction collection span a century (from...
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Every family has a secret, but Uncle Max’s could wreak havoc on the world.    Dr. Bruce Starkman, chief ER resident at Chicago’s Cook County Hospital, is plucked from total immersion in his profession by the mysterious death of his Uncle Max.    It’s only when Bruce finds his...
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As the second world war draws to its conclusion Hitler's scientists discover time travel. Hitler hatches a plan to rule the future by changing the past. The Thousand Year Reich is born. In the twenty first century, the world is at war. New, horrible diseases are rampant. Amidst the madness a man is...
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The Castle in the Forest is a 2007 novel by Norman Mailer. It is the story of Adolf Hitler's childhood as seen through the eyes of Dieter, a demon sent to put him on his destructive path. The novel explores the idea that Hitler had no Jewish heritage but was the product of incest.