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Having a spouse, sibling, or parent with Alzheimer’s affects a family in every way possible—and can leave people feeling like they have nowhere to turn. The moving stories in this new collection help readers recognize they are not alone—and provide comfort for those who need it now more than ever....
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It is 1944. Anna Grant inherits a strange legacy from her mother, Dina: a treasure retrieved from a disaster in the Middle East, and a pile of yellowing notebooks.  The handwritten pages hint at a world of elegant Victorian tables and lavish balls. Yet behind the apparent calm in the family lies a...
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"...A taut, beautifully rendered novel about an injured war veteran, his bright young daughter, and a street-smart police officer who has lost almost more than she can bear. When their lives become entangled, what results has all the urgency of a thriller and offers a moving exploration of...
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After the death of her husband Akbar Ahmad, Mona finds herself settling ambivalently into a new life. But the calm rhythm of her days–gardening, cooking, time with her neighbours and family in Karachi–is upset by the appearance of Salamat Ali, the new tenant in her friend Mrs. Baig’s house....
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NEW YORK TIMES bestseller Susan Wiggs has captivated readers everywhere with her tender and relevant stories filled with characters so familiar you'll find yourself saying, "That's it, exactly!" Now she gives us an illuminating story straight from the heart about one woman’s shattered...
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In what is destined to become one of the most important books published this year, Lillian Rubin takes us inside the lives, hearts, and minds of America's working-class families and lets us hear them speak. With an eloquence rivaling that of her earlier classic, Worlds of Pain, Lillian Rubin lays...
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When pressured into accepting a husband of her father's choosing, Lady Iona seeks out the notorious rake Lord Nathan Wynter for his help in learning how to stand up for herself. While Iona is looking for adventure, Lord Nathan is doing his honest best to reform his ways in order to repair his...
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Compelled by his family to marry, Viscount Radford Evers makes a list of his requirements for a wife. Humble tenant May Sheffers meets none of these, so why does his heart beat madly at the sight of her?
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THE FLOODMAKERS is the astute rendering of one Southern family’s struggle to survive the stormy heat of a summer tempest and its own powerful emotional undertows. Mylène Dressler’s work has been hailed by the New York Times as “splendid” and by the Christian Science Monitor as “haunting, demanding...
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“A haunting story about the legacies of love and war, about three women living with hope and loss and each other. A splendid debut.”Robert Olen Butler