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The place: America. The time: closer than we may like to think. Unemployment is in high double-digits. The stench of violent discontent smokes the air. The 1930s Great Depression all over . . . . . . but yesterday is now today, the 21st Century . . . Arch and Tess Uglias are blue-collar residents...
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Ann Rule says: A Silence of Mockingbirds is beautifully written by a very talented investigative journalist. But, even more, this is Karen Zacharias’s  own story too, one of trust betrayed. A tragic book that we should all take to heart. We cannot change the past but we can...
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They say you can't cheat death... well, that doesn't stop these guys from trying... James DeRossa is a natural born rebel. Just released from Jackson County Jail, he turns his back on the family funeral business in Detroit and heads out to Tinseltown to set up a heist and settle an old score. Who...
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This is the German edition of Charged With Guilt.  
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In every life there's a turning point. For Ronnie Ventana, it came at the corner of Sunset and Santiago, the San Francisco intersection where her parents died in a car crash twenty years before. Now, at two a.m. on the same corner, Ronnie has witnessed two men dumping a body in the shrubs--and...
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Trouble is brewing in the small, bucolic mountain town of Trafalgar, British Columbia. An American who came to Trafalgar as a Vietnam War draft dodger has left land and money to the town. But there’s a catch. The money must be used to build a garden to honor draft dodgers.This bequest has torn the...
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The anonymous heroine, N, is a young woman who has broken free of a constricting marriage and is struggling to raise four children alone in a housing project. Coming home one day N finds her door hacked with an ax and smeared with what appears to be a mixture of blood and crankcase oil. A few days...
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Flannery Culp wants you to know the whole story of her spectacularly awful senior year. Tyrants, perverts, tragic crushes, gossip, cruel jokes, and the hallucinatory effects of absinthe—Flannery and the seven other friends in the Basic Eight have suffered through it all. But now, on tabloid...
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In the visual equivalent of sound bites, novelist and poet Gifford (Ghosts No Horse Can Carry, Port Tropique) cuts to the heart with sharply focused shots of young lovers on the lam. “You mark me the deepest,” says twenty-year-old Lula Pace to Sailor Ripley as they’re reunited after Sailor’s two-...
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It's 1948, an era when newspapermen were stars -- and San Francisco sportswriter Billy Nichols is no exception. Known as Mr. Boxing throughout the city, he is the West Coast's answer to Damon Runyon -- an insider's insider who plucks and polishes his pearllike stories from the nonstop hustle of...