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“IT CAN BE A ROUGH WORLD OUT THERE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU LET SELF-DOUBT BECOME YOUR BEST FRIEND. BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF MEANS ACCEPTING YOUR DOWNFALLS AND CELEBRATING YOUR STRENGTHS.” As women, we are blessed with three powerful virtues: being smart, successful, and sexy. These qualities are woven so...
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In the first 60 seconds, interviewers can decide whether you will be moved to the top of the list...or removed from consideration. In today's crowded and challenging job market, The First 60 Seconds will give you the tools to best impress in that crucial first minute. You'll also find out...
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A complete guide to colleges offering free tuition, full-tuition scholarships and other financial programs to cover students' tuition, room and board, books, fees and more. Everybody Else's Guide to Going to College for Free is THE student financial aid guide for students and families who are...
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YOU + TRUCK: Six Businesses You Can Start With A Truck is a handy guide to low-cost, high-ROI businesses you can start with only you and a truck.
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Career Success Without a Real Job: The Career Book for People Too Smart to Work in Corporations provides guidance for all those "organizationally averse" individuals who want to gain courage to escape the corporate world so that they don't have to spend the rest of their lives trapped...
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Get online and prosper, urges Aliza Sherman, founder of Cybergrrl Inc. and Webgrrls International. Her book Cybergrrl at Work is packed with instructive anecdotes of successful wired women and step-by-step suggestions and strategies for women to take full advantage of business and career...
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What's the most valuable asset you or your business possesses? Is it your physical resources? Your intellectual properties? Your workforce? Your skills and knowledge? All are important aspects of business success. But you can't get the most advantage from any one of them if you don't make the right...
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“NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOWBUSINESS”   Everyone wants to be in the entertainment business.  Everyone!  Everyone encounters disappointment, rejection, and roadblocks.  Everyone!   Everyone, that is, except those who employ the services of a coach, have access to an experienced mentor, or read Cynthia...
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Chronicling the dramatic changes of the new world of work, Snyder explains why employees of gay executives are responding to a new ethos of business leadership with record high levels of job commitment. The G Quotient provides all managers with, whether managing teams of a few or a few thousand...