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From the beloved and acclaimed novelist, a collection of witty, moving essaysIn her two decades of writing, Elinor Lipman has populated her fictional universe with characters so utterly real that we feel like they’re old friends. Now she shares an even more intimate world with us—...
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Hate your job? Ready to quit? Is your boss is a flaming jerk? Think you have a lawsuit? You are facing a crucial career moment. Mistakes will cost you dearly. Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired  provides answers to these vital questions and more: What Does it Mean If I Sign A Paper...
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blank_pageThere are many career books on how to find a job. Books may tell you to network but not how to do so effectively. Books will encourage you to follow up on leads but not how to create your own. Books may promise you your dream job but not explain the steps needed to get there. Books may...
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In 1985, when women's poetry was not as prevalent as it is today, Melissa Clark asks men to listen very, very hard to what women say about their own self-perception, and not how men, such as Heathcliff, Mr. Rochester, or Dr. Frankenstein have perceived them.  She asks that they listen as though...
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According to the editors, Jerri Beck (who still lives and writes in Birmingham, AL) and Anne George (now deceased) in the Foreword:  "This is a southern woman's anthology in that each author was born in the South and has spent her whole life or a considerable portion of her life here.  Each...
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Are you interested in how angels hear and answer your prayers? Then listen to the words of Archangel Michael as he communicates his messages to you through Dr. Joy S. Pedersen, a licensed spiritual healer.   Through automatic writing, Pedersen has channeled Archangel Michael’s thought-...
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Gayle Saunders and Patricia Reid were total opposites who chose each other as best friends when they were children.Through the years they were raised together, as close as sisters.Gayle, the beauty pampered by her working-class parents, believes a man will make her world complete.Pat, the brainy...
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"A Must Read … a story about generations, about relationships ... about a coming of age in middle age, and about facing the questions we all must eventually face. … The Four Ms. Bradwells is [a book] I will always remember … Share [it]with your Mom. And your best friend." — Bonnie Jean Adams,...
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A yo-yo dieter tires of being the skinny bitch as much as she did the fat chick and goes in search of balance -- both physically and emotionally. Although the novel deals with weight issues, it taps weightier issues such as acceptance and forgiveness.