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Walk is the story of a journey taken on foot, a deadly perambulation down the wild coastline of Southern Africa. It started at Lambasi in northern Pondoland and it ended not far from what we now know as Port Elizabeth. It is a hike that every South African should have the privilege of taking. For...
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In this stunning debut novel, Rebecca Walker turns her attention to the power of love and the limitations of the human heart. When Farida, a sophisticated college student, falls in love with Adé, a young Swahili man living on an idyllic island off the coast of Kenya, the two plan to marry and...
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The first work in the globe-hopping thriller series of Dominic Grey books whose protagonists investigate the world's most bizarre and dangerous cults, The Summoner is a stylish, haunting novel of mystery and suspense. When a United States diplomat disappears in front of hundreds of onlookers...
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Poet Diana M. Raab travels to the heart of Africa with her family to experience the beauty and fascination of another world. During her safari, she observes the distress, the delight, and the dignity of the humans and animals who live there and parallels them to her own quest for health. She has...
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  Soft adventure. The sort of experience that goes beyond the typical tourist itinerary. There is no great physical challenge involved here. There is considerable food for the spirit. And the body. And on the windjammer, a rum swizzle at every turn. Not to worry, you're not driving. I wrote...
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Corlie Roux’s farm life in South Africa is not easy: the Transvaal is beautiful, but it is also a harsh place where the heat can be so intense that the very raindrops sizzle. When her beloved father dies, she is left with a mother who is as devoted to her sons as she is cruel to her daughter....
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Heidi Holland and Adam Roberts asked fellow journalists and writers - South Africans and foreigners who have lived in Johannesburg - to write about the city. Out of this emerged FROM JOBURG TO JOZI, idiosyncratic reactions to Egoli, Jozi, the City of Gold. This collection of writings has a vibrancy...
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In this new, expanded edition of her prize-winning collection, Midge Raymond explores the indelible imprint of home upon the self and the ways in which new frontiers both defy and confirm who we are. Including new stories as well as a reader’s guide, FORGETTING ENGLISH takes us around the world,...
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 Ada's Daughter recounts the life of Nigerian-born Jacqueline Maduneme who endured and overcame physical and emotional pain and suffering most anyone would fnd impossible to process or heal from. This intense account takes us from her early age to current day, and in her gift for storytelling,...
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A glorious literary debut set in Africa that follows five women—two of them haunted by a shared tragedy—as their lives intersect in unexpected and sometimes explosive ways.