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The Caddie Who Won the Masters.jpg
Bobby Jones always hoped that someday an amateur would win the Masters. In this novel, bestselling author John Coyne—The Caddie Who Knew Ben Hogan and The Caddie Who Played With Hickory—tells the story of Tim Alexander, an amateur from the public links courses in Southern Illinois, who...
The Caddy Who Played With Hickory.jpg
Before there were titanium woods and graphite shafts, golf clubs were made from the wood of hickory trees and had intriguing names like cleek, mashie and jigger. Golf was a game played not with high-tech equipment but with skill, finesse, and creativity. And the greatest hickory player of all...
The Caddy Who Knew Ben Hogan.jpg
Returning as an honored guest to the exclusive country club where he worked in his youth, Jack Handley remembers the summer of '46 when he caddied for Ben Hogan in the last Chicago Open. Now a respected historian, Jack recounts to the assembled sons and daughters of members he once...
The golfer lines up the shot. It's a long one, and the chances of acing it are nil. He says a prayer, swings, and- hallelujah!-he scores a hole in one. Many golfers confess to murmuring earnest prayers that they, too, may join the 42,000 people a year who catch lightning in a bottle and score a...
Now in its sixth year and well established as the premier sports anthology, The Best American Sports Writing brings together the finest sportswriting of the past year. Selected from more than 350 American and Canadian newspaper and magazines, the 1996 collection features a wide varity of sports and...