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A Travel Guide for Reckless Hearts
A Travel Guide for Reckless Hearts is a collection of stories, rooted in the Midwest and cultivated in the Deep South, for those of us who suddenly find ourselves tourists in our own lives. Reminiscent of the work of Lorrie Moore and Jill McCorkle, the 10-story collection features the sweetly off-...
The authors included in Rasskazy are part of the first generation of Russian writers who have spent their entire adult lives in post-Soviet circumstances and, for the past nine years, under the shadow of Putin's rule. These stories demonstrate the range of aesthetics and subject matter of this...
Best Black Women's Erotica 2
“BBWE 2…introduces the reader to a new coterie of black women authors who bear watching as passionate, erotic fire-starters. Samiya Bashir, the new editor, demonstrates a rare gift for compiling anthologies. In her selection of C.C. Carter, T'Ashia Asante, Dorothy Randal Gray, Carol Smith...
Forgetting English
Forgetting English explores the indelible imprint of home upon identity and the ways in which new frontiers both defy and confirm it. From a biologist navigating the icy moonscape of Antarctica to a businesswoman seeking refuge in the South Pacific, the characters who inhabit these stories travel...
The Wooden Tongue Speaks.jpg
This collection of short stories and poetry set in post-Ceauşescu and post-cold war Romania takes readers on a journey through the author’s home town of Brăila in the east of the country. Exiled Romanian author Bogdan Tiganov explores social, religious and political issues with insightful frankness...
WOMEN UP ON BLOCKS, Stories by Mary Akers
Bucking preconceived notions of how women should behave, the protagonists in WOMEN UP ON BLOCKS seek to reconcile the price they’ve paid for allowing the roles of wife, mother, daughter, and lover to define them.  But nature abhors a vacuum; in pursuing escape from the restrictive roles of modern...
Die Brücke - front cover
A story about a young actress trying to brake up with a young doctor but ...