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Giraffes in Hiding: The Mythical Memoirs of Carol Novack
Fully illustrated book of narratives. prose poems, monologues, hybrid forms. Hugh Fox has called "Giraffes": “THE most seductive, original, impacting work I have seen for years. A fascinating combination of Kerouacian street-talk plus a trip through the museum of Modern Art in Chicago...
A group of missionaries perform a miracle in a small Zambian village -- but the mother of one of the missionaries claims that she can prove it's all a hoax.
Amour:  Stories of Love and Friendship
Six short stories about which Amazon.com wrote: "Author to Watch, D. K. Christi - Amazon.com D.K. Christi's debut novel Arirang, a romantic adventure that spans seven continents, conveys an underlying theme that "life happens when you are planning something else." In Christi's...
Mayor of the Roses pinpoints the immigrant question as primarily a question of identity. In answer to the question of what it means to be Filipino, Villanueva humorously presents many cultural fixations; the stories “TV” and “BMW” revolve around the family’s preoccupations of acquiring...
Dark Matter: Stories by Stephen Shugart
Inventive and unsettling, the stories of Stephen Shugart exist in their own hybrid dimension of the familiar and fabulous.  Their reach in subject matter is matched by the range of the book’s compelling characters: a man who claims he’s so in love that he can endure putting his face in a table saw...
Winston Rock shows up at Carnero's house full of proverbial s*it.  They play a game of Spanish Monte with cards from Tonto Apiero's Apache deck. 
Short story owing equally to Raymond Carver and Edgar Allen Poe. It was included in an anthology of articles on existentialism and consciousness, revolving around the works of Colin Wilson, cult author of the philosophical work 'The Outsider'. It was described as 'a moving and pathetic pastiche of...
A young woman finds out that she has AIDS and considers ending her life.