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Universal Cycle Theory: Neomechanics of the Hierarchically Infinite Universe
There are only two elements that make the Universal Cycle Theory radical - cycles and infinity. Other than that, much of what you read in the book will seem familiar and conventional. The book focuses on these key elements in the following ways.  Cycles are crucial because they explain how...
Bob the Angry Flower: Dog Killer
It's a bunch of cartoons.
The adventure spans the world from Stonehenge to astronomically aligned pyramids at Giza, from Mayan observatories at Chichen Itza to the atomic clock in Washington, the world's official timekeeper since the 1960s. We visit cultures from Vedic India and Cleopatra's Egypt to Byzantium and the...
Elizabeth Rosner, a daughter of Holocaust survivors now living in Berkeley, explores the legacy of survivor guilt in her debut novel. Two adult siblings, Julian and Paula Perel, react to the sadness of their childhood home in seemingly different ways. Julian is a recluse who seldom leaves his...