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And every week, there was the unspoken question, the one I didn’t know enough to ask myself : Have you found her yet? The one who reminds you of you? Twenty years after she lived at a homeless shelter for teens, Janice Erlbaum went back to volunteer. Now thirty-four years old and a successful...
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“Before I turn 67, I would like to have a lot of sex with a man I like.” This inspired personal ad from Jane Juska drew tremendous response and swept the retired teacher into a whirlwind existence she barely recognized as her own. She relayed her fun and frank exploits in the bestseller A Round-...
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Inspired by the daily conversation taking place on Salon.com's cutting-edge, wildly popular website Mothers Who Think, this first collection by coeditors Camille Peri and Kate Moses takes an unflinching look at the gritty truths and unreserved pleasures of contemporary motherhood. Elevating the...
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Trace Adkins is a political conservative who shoots from the hip with his point of view. He also writes about his colorful career in Country Music and how he survived getting shot through the heart by an angry ex-wife. Trace is a much loved Country hunk onstage, and in print he's a roughneck (as...
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The political world according to Trace Adkins, Country superstar.
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Dawn Tarnauer’s life isn’t exactly a success story. Already twice divorced, the young Californian is too busy job-hopping to start a career, her current boyfriend insists on living “off the grid,” her Life Coach sister perpetually interferes with incomprehensible affirmations, her eccentric mother...