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Coleridge, Lamb, Hazlitt, and the Reader of Drama is a re‑evaluation of British drama criticism of the nineteenth century.  I demonstrate that the British Romantics' bias against the staging of Shakespearean tragedy is rooted in an established and intellectually justifiable tradition in Western...
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From Library Journal This poet's fifth book is as notable for its moral gravitas as for its lyrical grace. Blumenthal meditates on fatherhood, personal history, love, loss, and gain as intertwined threads of life's mingled yarn. "Elegy for My Mother: The Days," the centerpiece of the book...
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"In these stories, women encounter the limits of middle age . . . both worldly and stoical, with the fun of verbal and social sophistication . . . Frank is witty, light, philosophical and meditative by turns. . . . In great lovely swaths of prose, Frank investigates a serious set of problems,...