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All Out of Faith gives voice to southern women writers who represent a broad spectrum of faiths, Catholic to Baptist, Jewish to Buddhist, and points in between. These essays and stories depict women who have experienced spiritual struggles, awakenings, transformations, and rebellions. Frances Mayes...
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The University of Alabama Press says about the book: "Known widely in Europe as "interpretive narrative archaeology," the practice of using creative methods to interpret and present current knowledge of the past is gaining popularity in North America. This book is the first...
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An analysis of the influence of eugenic theory and language on John Steinbeck's thinking and tactics as he was preparing to write, and writing, The Grapes of Wrath.
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This volume collects a selection of scholarly papers originally presented at the Fourth International Steinbeck Congress.  It begins with an introduction by the co-editors--Kevin Hearle and Susan Shillinglaw--discussing the organization of the book.  The essays are grouped into four sections: I....
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The powerful story of three men -- father, son and grandson -- whose combined experience in dealing with prisoners in Alabama spans more than forty-five years. Told in their own down-to-earth conversational styles, their accounts -- moving, often brutal, and disturbing -- illustrate different...