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As Jackson Hole, Wyoming, gallery owner Alix Thorssen plans an art auction to promote wolf conservation, she is plunged into a bitter feud between ranchers and environmentalists -- and an old mystery involving the strange death of a teenage boy. A reclusive artist delivers a stunning painting of a...
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Set in wintry Jackson Hole, Wyo., this crisp, straightforward mystery plunges gallery owner Alix Thorssen into the local Nordic Nights festival, which features ice carving, a parade, ski racesAand a startling murder. Famous Norwegian painter Glasius Dokken, who had come to town for his show at Alix...
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Set in Jackson Hole where the Old West merges with upscale art galleries and adrenaline adventures, this second mystery featuring Alix Thorssen (after The Bluejay Shaman) finds the art dealer on her home-ground but without the comforts of home. Her partnership and gallery with sexy Paolo Segundo...
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This new edition of The Bluejay Shaman comes fourteen years after the original publication, but the book is still  "delightful," as author James Crumley wrote back then. Alix Thorssen, art dealer in Jackson Hole, hits the road in this novel in the mystery series, to clear her brother-in-...