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Julian Bell explores the life of a younger member, and sole poet, of the Bloomsbury Group, the most important community of British writers and intellectuals in the twentieth century, which includes Virginia Woolf (Julian's aunt), E. M. Forster, the economist John Maynard Keynes, and the art...
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Co-edited with Patricia Fobair, LCSW. An anthology of stories and essays from men and women who live with cancer. Each chapter represents a theme in the cancer journey. The featured writers were part of the Stanford Cancer Center support groups or the expressive writing groups led by Sharon Bray.
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In 1846 several hundred wagons set out from Independence, Missouri, to follow the California Trail nearly two thousand miles across unpopulated prairies, up sluggish and seemingly endless rivers, and through the Rocky Mountains over the Continental Divide. There, where the water flowed west to the...
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This extraordinary study traces the complex connections between the traumatic memories of Yeats' childhood and recurrent themes in his work. A consistent, impressively documented, and wholly original view of the workings of the poet's mind.