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Mesmerizing and illuminating, Alice Hoffman’s The Museum of Extraordinary Things is the story of an electric and impassioned love between two vastly different souls in New York during the volatile first decades of the twentieth century. Coralie Sardie is the daughter of the sinister impresario...
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Warren Ziller moved his family to Southern California in search of a charmed life, and to all appearances, he found it: a gated community not far from the beach, amid the affluent splendor of the 1980s. But the Zillers’ American dream is about to be rudely interrupted. Warren has squandered...
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From graphic designer Chip Kidd comes a brilliant new novel about advertising, electro-shock torture, potato chips, murder, powdered milk, suicide, shoes with buckles, crippling despair, and giant dogs. And the Holocaust. Fresh out of college in the summer of 1961, Happy lands his first job as a...
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From Publishers Weekly Novelist Johnson watched his lover, San Francisco high-school teacher Larry Rose, die of AIDS in a Paris hospital in 1990 after an intense three-year relationship. Rose was HIV-positive but asymptomatic when they met, and while their lovemaking was haunted by fear of...
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Travel writer Gabriel Prince runs into an eccentric fellow American at the Musee des Techniques in Paris. Turns out Jasper Hudnut is a noted physicist who has (1) access to a time machine; and (2) a propostion--how would Gabriel like to go back in time and sidetrack Ronald Reagan's path to the...
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Robin Romm's arresting and resonant stories take on the fundamental themes of the human condition: mortality, loyalty, and love. In fresh and irreverent prose, Romm captures the mo-ments before and after loss, mining the depths of grief with wit and grace. The stories in The Mother Garden are at...
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Now in paperback, Eric Puchner’s celebrated debut collection, a finalist for the New York Public Library’s Young Lions Award, established him as one of our most brilliant and promising new literary voices. Writing from an impressive range of perspectives—men and women, children and adults,...
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The continuing adventures of gadfly 1940s sports reporter Billy Nichols, introduced in The Distance.