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This new edition of Clive Matson's early poems includes all of Diane di Prima's Poets Press version 1,000 copies were sold out in 1966-67 and adds significant uncollected pieces from the same period. At once obstreperous and innocent, these poems celebrate a place where emotion, sex, and religion...
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A rollicking but provocative saga across three decades of the Cold War. Similar in dynamics to California's "Gold Rush" were demographic, environmental and financial impacts from the trillions of dollars the Department of Defense disbursed into California during the Cold war. While the...
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A great American city is destroyed under mysterious circumstances. A lone survivor wanders through its ruins. Out of a wind-tossed wreckage of language appear images of a young, half-orphaned boy, of a perplexed, yet idealistic, student, of a disillusioned, bitter middle-aged man dreaming of lives...
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As the swords of war are being rattled, an archive of American poets' responses to 9/11and its aftermath has been collected and published in AN EYE FOR AN EYE MAKES THE WORLD BLIND - POETS ON 9/11. Co-edited by Clive Matson and the late Allen Cohen, with a foreword by political...