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Jillian Westfield has the perfect suburban life straight out of the upscale women's magazines that she obsessively reads. She’s got the modern-print rugs of Metropolitan Home, the elegant meals from Gourmet, the clutter-free closets out of Real Simple, and the elaborate Easter egg hunts seen in...
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In Victorian England, a society wife makes a New Year's resolution to be a better person, which results in heated correspondence with a man serving a life sentence for murdering his own wife.
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Deirdre Shaw's emotionally honest, clear-eyed debut follows a thirtysomething woman forced to redefine love, career, and family after her young marriage falters. “Bright and promising...Shaw’s first novel unfolds easily, with well-crafted prose and vivid detail. A great young-in-L.A. novel.” --...
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You’re willing to do whatever it takes to ground your children in a faith your parents never embraced. Or maybe you grew up in an outwardly religious home that lacked a foundation of Christian grace and moral values. If you’re the first generation in your family to embrace a relationship with...
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In keeping with its tradition of sending writers out into America to take the pulse of our citizens and civilization, The New Yorker over the past decade has reported on the unprecedented economy and how it has changed the ways in which we live.
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One of art's purest challenges is to translate a human being into words. The New Yorker magazine has met this challenge more often and more successfully--and more originally and more surprisingly--than any other modern American journal. Starting with its light fantastic evocations of the glamorous...
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When Harold Ross founded The New Yorker in 1925, he described it as a “comic weekly.
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A whispered term of endearment, a flirtatious phrase, a secret suggestion - words can be the most intimate gifts that lovers share. This guide to their sensual power invites us to explore the erotic potential in verbal communication. The author shows us how words can arouse desire, reveal and...
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A short story that originally appeared in the New England Review: an American urbanite is separated from the others on an ecotourism trek in the mountains of a foreign country. She stumbles upon a village wherein active bisexuality is the cultural norm.