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Unmatched in scope and literary quality, The Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry spans three thousand years, bringing together more than six hundred poems by more than one hundred thirty poets, in translations-many new and exclusive to the book-by an array of distinguished translators. Here is the grand...
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First fictions from 4 of America's top graduate writing programs -- Columbia University, Standford, Iowa and Johns Hopkins. Includes early works by such authors as Tamar Janowitz, Ethan Canin, Gish Jen, et al.
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In interlocking chapters of scintillating prose, Donohue tells the tale of Henry Day and the two people he becomes after being snatched at age seven by changelings. One of them takes his human life, convincing almost everyone that he is the real Henry; meanwhile, the boy becomes one of the...
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With wry candor and tender humor, acclaimed novelist Ayelet Waldman has crafted a strikingly beautiful novel for our time, tackling the absurdities of modern life and reminding us why we love some people no matter what. For Emilia Greenleaf, life is by turns a comedy of errors and an emotional...
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This engrossing debut novel depicts Sylvia Plath's feverish artistic process in the bitter aftermath of her failed marriage to Ted Hughes -- the excruciating yet astoundingly productive period during which she wrote Ariel, her defining last collection of poems. In December 1962, shortly before...
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His novel Never Mind the Pollacks, a hilarious treat, used a fictional “Neal Pollack” to parody the excesses and idiocy of current pop culture. But his self-awareness becomes more self-indulgent (though still witty) in this straightforward memoir of life with his artist wife, the couple’s decision...
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At thirty-four, Peggy Orenstein faced a series of dilemmas shared by many women of her generation: She was unsure whether she wanted children, unsure about the impact of motherhood on her career, her relationship, and her sense of self. Why, when women seemed to have so many choices, did she...
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The classic account of the hurdles facing adolescent girls in America—now reissued with a new foreword, to coincide with the award-winning author’s new book on women and identity. Inspired by a study by the American Association of University Women that showed girls’ self-esteem plummeting as they...
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From Publishers Weekly Starred Review. The Sherlock Holmes pastiche is a time-honored tradition, though most attempts are interesting primarily to Sherlockians who pick them apart, searching for mistakes. But Cullin (Branches; Tideland; etc.) has produced an ambitious, beautifully written novel...