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The World Cup Finals are fast approaching, and this one is likely to be the most dramatic and exciting of all. Taking place for the first time on the African continent. South Africa is burning with soccer fever. This guide gives you everthing you need to know about the greatest sport on the planet...
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Photojournalist Jade del Cameron has joined her mother for a holiday in 1920 Morocco. But when Inez is kidnapped and the guide is murdered, Jade enters the labyrinth of Marrakesh and mysterious world of the Atlas mountains, seeking the help of two Berber kahina, one living, and one dead.
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This stunning literary debut paints a vivid portrait of growing up, discovering love, and awakening to the reality of life in a nation on the verge of revolution in the 1970s. Rooftops of Tehran opens in a middle-class neighborhood in Iran’s sprawling capital city. The rooftop of the narrator’s...
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Sounds Like Crazy is as a darkly comic and ultimately healing story about Holly Miller, an Emmy Award winning cartoon voiceover performer who has actual voices in her head, multiple personalities who make her career a huge success, and shield her from a terrible secret in her past. “I couldn’t tell...
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From the acclaimed author of When You Go Away and The Matter of Grace—a novel about letting go of expectations and finding unexpected joy… At twenty-eight, Avery Taconi has everything in life planned out—and everything is falling right into place. She has the career of her dreams, a husband she...
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A teenage pregnancy threatens to tear a troubled family apart in a debut novel as gutsy [and] appealing . . . as its heroines. As grueling as childbirth proves for Kate and Tyler, it is not nearly as painful as what follows. . . . [And] it is the plight of the teenage sisters, in all their clever...