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In a brilliant rejoinder and an inspired act of literary invention, Alice Randall explodes the world created in Margaret Mitchell’s famous 1936 novel, the work that more than any other has defined our image of the antebellum South. Imagine simply that the black characters peopling that world were...
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Vicki Forman gave birth to Evan and Ellie, weighing just a pound at birth, at twenty-three weeks’ gestation. During the delivery she begged the doctors to "let her babies go" — she knew all too well that at twenty-three weeks they could very well die and, if they survived, they would...
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Carolyn Cooke's stories have been featured in several volumes of Prize Stories: The O. Henry Awards and The Best American Short Stories. Her debut collection tells hilarious and often savage truths about people struggling within the confines of history, society, and class.