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Here is a story of Chinese poet Tu Fu coming to America and living on the streets of Cleveland.By channeling Tu Fu into our times, poet, novelist, translator Larry Smith tells two stories in one. This is Smith's eighth book of poems.60 pages, $9. Tu Fu Comes to America is a compelling verse novel...
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“Linda K. Sienkiewicz takes on the grittier human topics: children gone to war or astray, our violent selves, the sometimes “dearth of noble natures” and intrepidly rearranges the disaligned, awakening us with poetry that sings out and takes no prisoners.” – Dorianne Laux, Facts about the Moon,...
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This book is available to order at www.BruceLader.com    Vivid evocations of childhood, wry and pointed humor, pungent details, and telling episodes Bruce Lader's first book of poetry contains enough strong material for several volumes. Discovering Mortality is a maiden voyage not maidenly in...
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Duets: Love is Strange is an evening of six one-act plays that explore the relationship between men and women, one couple at a time.  By turns funny, explosive, tragic, and thoughtful, Duets can be a tour de force evening for two fine actors, providing a view of the human heart in the tender war of...