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Culture in Context is a three-in-one (reader/rhetoric/handbook) that teaches essay writing through meaningful connections to popular culture and college life. Chapters in the rhetoric portion cover the writing process ("Ready, Write, Revise" ), writing strategies (narrative, process,...
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The new anthology by Jack Bowen, author of The Dream Weaver, introduces the important issues and thinkers in philosophy with a strong, academic approach made accessible and relevant to the introductory-level student. The readings include many of the most well-known historical pieces as well as...
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Join 14-year-old Ian Pinkle through a series of strange experiences in this narrative exploration of philosophy.  With the guidance of his mentor, the mysterious “Old Man,” Ian, along with his parents and best friends, faces questions on major topics in philosophy:  identity, knowledge, God, free...
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This intermediate/advanced guide to writing fiction emphasizes the revision process and uses craft discussions, exercises, and diverse examples to show the artistic implications of writing choices. Numerous examples, questions, and exercises throughout the book help students reflect upon and...