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From the first Academy Awards black-tie dinner dance in 1929 to the glittering Vanity Fair gala in 2004, from the 1940s gatherings at the most fashionable nightspots in Los Angeles–Ciro’s, Mocambo, Romanoff’s, Chasen’s–to the star-studded parties thrown by legendary agent Swifty Lazar from the...
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“One of our most exquisite storytellers” (Esquire) gives us his first collection in over a decade: ten potent new stories that, along with twenty-one classics, display his mastery over a quarter century. Tobias Wolff’s first two books, In the Garden of the North American Martyrs and Back in the...
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An astonishingly inventive, wonderfully exuberant novel that takes us from the shimmering dunes of ancient Egypt to the war-torn streets of twenty-first-century Lebanon. In 2003, Osama al-Kharrat returns to Beirut after many years in America to stand vigil at his father’s deathbed. The city is a...
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Nine fiercely beautiful, impossible-to-put-down stories from a young writer who has already received worldwide attention. Julie Orringer’s characters–all of them submerged by loss, whether of parents or lovers or a viable relationship to the world in general–struggle mightily against the wildly...
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Christina Meldrum’s debut novel MADAPPLE (Alfred A. Knopf; May 2008; $16.99; Hardcover), is at once a literary novel and a psychological thriller. It draws the reader into a world where the natural and supernatural seem to converge—a world where reality seems a puzzle in which the pieces are...
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Born in 1785 in Saint Domingue (now Haiti), the bastard son of a French naval officer and a chambermaid, Audubon was taken to France by his father and then sent to America in 1803 to escape conscription into Napoleon’s army. He began drawing birds as a child, and in America this passion grew into...
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From the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Making of the Atomic Bomb the story of the entire postwar superpower arms race, climaxing during the Reagan-Gorbachev decade when the United States and the Soviet Union came within scant hours of nuclear war—and then nearly agreed to abolish nuclear...
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Desert D’Or is the fashionable California resort where Hollywood’s glittering elite converge when they need a break from city of celluloid dreams. It is an incestuous hothouse of a town—a haven for manipulators, film stars, lovers, pimps, producers, whores, gamblers, scriptwriters and cheats. Into...
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Mike Lovett rents a room in a Brooklyn boarding house with the intention of writing a novel. Wounded during World War II, Lovett is an amnesiac, and much of his past is a secret to himself. But Lovett’s housemates have secrets of their own. As these mysterious figures vie for Lovett’s allegiance,...