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Kelly Carmichael can't seem to find her niche in life. Her father pushes her in one direction while her mother pulls her in another. Now almost thirty, she grows weary of pursuing someone else's happiness. But just when she believes she has found the perfect career and the love of her life in...
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Twenty-eight-year-old Sebastian Long has been called the best actor of his generation. Discovered while performing cheap fight pictures in Morocco, Sebastian wins an Oscar for his breakthrough role in the film Checkmate. His performance is raw, surprising, and powerful—a calculated dance with...
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Brand Zeitgeist reinforces basic marketing and branding principles and illustrates how businesses can use fundamental aspects of human nature to develop a brand strategy.  The zeitgeist is an abstract concept of what’s currently top-of-mind in the public’s collective consciousness. The concept of...
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For Melody, a twenty four year old graduate of UC Berkeley, being the girlfriend of Major, an ex-college football star turned Medical student, has been the definition of her happiness. Through heartbreaks, accomplishments and everyday life, Melody’s relationship has provided her with the security...
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This comprehensive collection allows insight into the mind of this young artist. These works range from heartbreak, redemption, and self-esteem, just to name a few.
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Meet Blair Hughes, a beautiful, intelligent, and talented young woman who believes her identity is defined by her size 22 waistline. With constant scrutiny about her weight and a pattern of failed diets, Blair has given up trying to be the perfect size six and has allowed herself to fade into the...
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“Say it ain't so, Joe?” All manner of nefarious activities are being conducted under the very noses of the authorities, with nary a move made to thwart the evil-doers. Of course, civilian criminal law doesn't enjoy nearly the reach that a prime operative does in the high stakes, cat and mouse, dog...
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After World War II and the Communist Revolution in China, Mark's father, H. Thomas Luke, a graduate of Yenching University in Beijing, escaped with his wife Deanna, daughter Shelley, and son Hugo to Hong Kong where he taught English and wrote newspaper articles. The Luke's relocated to Okinawa to a...
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Meet Jake Randall. Author. Divorcee. New to Los Angeles. Jake was about to begin a new life in the City of Angels. He was anxious to leave his troubles behind. Little did he know, his life was about to take an unexpected turn. Thirty-one years in the future, a resistance fighter makes his way...
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Beyond the Cayenne Wall captures the cultural chasm—and sometimes the collision between the East and the West—as the characters struggle to find their individualities despite the barriers imposed by society. Tannu refuses to give up her firstborn to the caretakers of the shrine of Shah Daullah as...