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A subllmely funny, intellectually provocative journey through the tattoos on Peter Trachtenberg's body, each of which represents a theme or episode in his life. Lust. Faith. Penance. A funerary rite in Borneo, complete with demonic possession. A dope-sick interlude in a junkies' church. A...
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Bronstein was Executive Vice President and Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle from November of 2000 until named to his new position, as Executive Vice President and Editor-at-Large of Hearst Newspapers Division and The San Francisco Chronicle, in January 2008.  
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“Release Your Writing, Book Publishing, Your Way” goes beyond “how-to” books with all the information you need, whether you have: • Written a book and not attracted a publisher. • Finished a book you need out right now, for a particular market or timely topic. • Just started writing a book...
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SUMMARY "Computer Ease" is a state of mind - one you can't reach when you're frustrated. It's hard to feel like a success when your mouse won't move, you're stuck on hold with tech support, and you can't format a page margin. There isn't one magical manual for all computer problems...
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Witness the opportunity that is youth and the journey that is age. tale of two destinies, two passions undiminished by setback or denial. EXPOSURES is a drama of extraordinary talent and human destiny woven within the portals of music and twenty of history's remarkable photographs. Jess...
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This beautifully illustrated journal, for parents and grandparents alike, creates a wonderful keepsake for the future. It includes ample space for writing and photos; a family tree; and pages to record important milestones, dates and observations as baby grows. Fine art quality four-color...