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Aju Mukhopadhyay's The Moments of Life is a compilation of 26 short stories. The author's deep understanding of human nature and emotions comes across through the different situations that he explores in each of his stories. Set in different parts of India, mostly in Bengal and sometimes in the...
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As a basketball player and international spokesman, 7'5" Yao Ming has quickly become the eighth wonder of the sports world. Amazing fans, players, and experts with both his surprising performance and down-to-earth personality, Yao has proven to be a refreshing font of contemporary wisdom....
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Called a "comics expert" by the San Jose Mercury News, Oliver Chin creates a compelling blend of fact and fiction where a high school class (based in the San Francisco Bay area) grapples with the aftershocks of the catastrophe of 9/11. But their 11th-grade US history teacher...
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This unassuming collection of verses hopes to heal addictions, depressions and frustrations in life. It is also a simple endeavour to analyse life, sans heavy words. A bedside volume you would love to treasure.
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Kamala Das writes on Touch: "Once again after long years of search I came into contact with the power of honest poetry when I was reading Meena Kandasamy’s anthology of verse. She wove a fabric rare and strange, faintly smudged with the Indianness of her thought that saw “even the monsoons...