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In her acclaimed New York Times bestseller, Motherless Daughters, Hope Edelman explored the profound and lasting effects of mother loss, as well as her own search for healing. Now, in her compelling new work, Edelman explores another complex, life-changing relationship, the intricate bond between...
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“This is an enchanting tale of love: a man dreams of a woman, while she dreams of the man who is dreaming of her. It reminds me of Silk by Alessandro Baricco, and One Thousand and One Nights, but Alev Croutier has a voice of her own, soft and poetic, like music in a Turkish garden...
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Four strong women from different walks of life in Australia, London and San Francisco, they've all come to the breathtakingly beautiful isle of Corfu seeking the same thing-refuge. Between marriage woes, dead-end careers, and demanding families, these women need a vacation-a little sun, a few shots...
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It’s time to check in again with Barry Gifford’s gang of New Orleans weirdos. A few of our old favorites from Night People (1992) are back, including Marble Lesson, the lethal leader of the Mary Mother of God Rape Crisis Center, but there are also plenty of new, equally bizarre faces: We’ve got...