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Norman Mailer once told Lawrence Grobel that writers may be an endangered species. And Saul Bellow told him, "The country has changed so, that what I do no longer signifies anything, as it did when I was young." But to judge from this collection, writers and writing aren't done for quite...
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In this wide-ranging and deeply felt book, J. Ruth Gendler invites us to reclaim the often misunderstood quality of beauty. Drawing on observations from art and nature, contemporary culture and personal experience Gendler looks at best not simply as a quality of appearance but as a pathway to...
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A poetic study of the classic Tao Te Ching especially for modern parents. Recommended by Oprah as "I give The Parent's Tao Te Ching to all my friends with children as a reminder of what matters when raising little ones."
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Stop the Show! is the first book to assemble humorous, frightening and bizarre anecdotes about the history of all that went wrong during live theatrical productions in the U.S. and the United Kingdom. It is the publishing equivalent of TV bloopers for the legitimate stage. This book includes...
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The inaugural volume of an exciting new annual series--Da Capo Best Music Writing. A Da Capo Original: Best-selling author Peter Guralnick offers his choices for some of the most extraordinary music writing of the year. Welcome to the first volume in an exciting new annual series that celebrates...
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The voices of nearly sixty R.E.M. insiders--friends, musicians, producers, and industry colleagues--comprise an unusal, unadulterated history of one rock's most innovative, integrity-driven bands. Besides new photos and an updated discography, the author has added two new chapters that discuss...
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The long-awaited English biography of the man who made the best and most sampled, concept album of all time (Histoire De Melody Nelson), invented French reggae, punk and rap, fathered actress Charlotte Gainsbourg and told Whitney Houston, on live, prime-time French TV that he wanted to fuck her. “I...