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 The 14 short stories collected in the book, all inspired by real-life events, are about people caught in the unsettling drama of a fast-changing China, about the average person who thrusts forward in life, stubbornly, despite the bewilderment, the setbacks, and sometimes, the stunning blows. Witty...
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Jeff Griggs is a family man who wants nothing more than to win the Oleander Hills Homeowner's Association Holiday Decorating contest and provide an amazing Christmas for his wife Joan and his two boys Matt and Marcus. Getting suspended from his job at the Las Vegas airport causes a chain of events...
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Tess Dyer is in pain. It’s not the kind of pain she can see and smell and wrap with an ace bandage. It’s the kind she tries to numb with sex and work and cleaning-cleaning-cleaning the house. The kind that comes from enduring a lifetime of rejection. First from her mother–whom Tess knows would...
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Clyde and Wanda The Cedar Cove Chronicles Book Two is the continuing story of Clyde Jansan. Seven years have passed since Lilly Jean Jansan was rescued from Horace Hammond's well. During that time, Clyde has married and has a four year old daughter. Life seems great until strange sounds and...
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Second edition of the 1988 book about Idaho's recent political history, including notes and comments to bring it up to date for a newer audience.
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POW!erful Tales is a lavishly illustrated collection of fifteen stories by a diverse assortment of writers, ranging from talented newcomers to acclaimed professionals, including Geoffrey Thorne, Mark Onspaugh, Lawrence Barker, Gustavo Bondoni, Tim McDaniel, John E. Rogers, and more! Explore Beta...
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In 1943, ten year old Todd Jansan lives on a tobacco farm with his family in North Carolina.  HIs Uncle Clyde is off at war after having mysteriously disappeared.  Events occur with Clyde and the Jansan's cruel neighbor, Horace Hammond, that change things forever. Reviews of "Todd" ...
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Color changes everything; I believe this to be true. I created the designs for Fill Me In and Fill Me In, too; I thought I knew these designs well, knew them from the inside of my brain all the way on to the page, but I only knew half the story. Adding color told the rest of the tale, as I...
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One-Liners to Live By is a dream taken away and brought back as something far more beautiful. When I wrote Sober on the Way to Sane I intended for the pages to be cut so that the suggestions could be flipped through and chosen at random; fortune cookie style. Instead of this impractical format what...
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This is the first in a series of seven adventures taken by the Holland family. Meet Moe the oldest son, Charlie his younger brother, their mother Rose Holland and Russell the boys' father as they being as prepared as they felt they could be, the Holland's step from their backyard into the unknown...