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The short fiction of Thaisa Frank has captivated readers for two decades, and now many of those pieces are collected in one volume, along with several new stories. In the title story, a lonely mother and housewife orders an enchanted man from a website called The Wondrous Traveler, who arrives...
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Heidegger’s Glasses opens during the end of World War II in a failing Germany coming apart at its seams. The Third Reich’s obsession with record-keeping and its  strong reliance on the occult has led to the formation of an underground compound of scribes--translators responsible for...
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Hos, Hookers, Call Girls, and Rent Boys is a collection of short memoirs, rants, confessions, nightmares, journalism, and poetry covering life, work, family, and yes, sex. The editors gather pieces from the world of industrial sex, including contributions from  art-porn priestess Annie Sprinkle,...
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This semi-autobiographical debut novel chronicles the life of Alex, raised in Siberia in 1950, and his dreams of becoming a writer and of meeting Annie, his distant American cousin. As a child, Alex observes a group of foreign tourists do something that non-drunk Soviet adults seldom do: they laugh...
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In Japan, the line that divides myth from reality is not merely blurred, it is nonexistent. Superstitions, legends, and folk myths are passed down through generations and pervade daily living. When a child playing near a river fails to return home, it is whispered that she was swept away by an...
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Thumbnail: L.A. cult investigator Stephan Raszer tracks a kidnapped Jehovah’s Witness girl and discovers a cabal of assassins using an alternate reality game to recruit its footsoldiers.   A Jehovah’s Witness girl is abducted in tandem with a ritualistic triple homicide in the San Gabriel...
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Defining vulgarity as any action that is at once ignorant, popular and harmful, American Vulgar runs the gamut of American culture from Fast Foods to NPR, exploring the ways in which public taste is debased for profit.
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Out of the 1960s counterculture explosion came a radical street group called the Diggers who became the heart and soul of the Haight-Ashbury experience. Among its founders was Peter Coyote who has taken his memoirs of this anarchic and psychedelic era and woven them into a collection of stories...
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A Great Memoir, August 1, 2002By Paula Sharp, author (New York) - See all my reviewsThis review is from: Pagan Time: An American Childhood (Hardcover)Whenever I crack open a memoir, I'm worried that it's going to be one of those naval-gazing autobiographies that will serve to distinguish our...
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Ever since beloved Southern writer Blount moved to Massachusetts, he’s been trying to use his “regional ambivalence ... to get Aunt Dixie and Uncle Sam on speaking terms.” In this diverse collection of humorous essays and occasional verse, Blount tackles a number of topics, including Emmanuel Kant...