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Novella set in industrial Lorain, Ohio, along with short stories set in industrial Ohio Valley and four works of creative nonfiction.
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Betrayed by his art and disillusioned by his job as a professor, Ray Casper finds that his long-time girlfriend has just left him. At the death of his estranged father, he links up with his out-of-work brother Sammy, and things really get complicated. Sammy moves in with Ray and needs a job; Ray...
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From the back cover: "Inspired by nature in his thoughtful and plain-spoken poems, Rob Smith reminisces and reflects on life, death, and the passage of time in 256 Zones of Gray. He takes us 'Along the Shore,' and we see barren trees through his eyes when 'the sky threaded/ a blue ribbon...
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Emergency Stopping contains eleven short stories that all take place in Michigan and have their characters struggling with work and money.
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Poetry Anthology co-edited with Ann Smith and Philip Metres 100 poems from older and contemporary poets envisioning a world of peace. Poems of Witness & Elegy,Exhortation & Action,Reconciliation, Shared Humanity,Wildness & Home,Ritual & Vigil, Meditation & Prayer.  ...
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From back cover: "A River Remains embodies the waterway of its title: in these poems the world is at once evanescent and permantent, always changing, yet always there. A collection of large scope built mostly from brief lyrics, narratives and meditations, it stands as the most compelling work...