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'Where are you from?' is a question I always find hard to answer. 1971: an ad in Nursery World. Foster parents required for a three-month-old baby – me. The lucky applicants are a white middle aged woman and her daughter, who love babies, especially black babies. My mother arrives, a haughty...
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The letters of the British Post-Impressionist painter Vanessa Bell, the sister of Virginia Woolf, wife of critic Clive Bell, lover of critic Roger Fry, life partner of Duncan Grant, and mother of the ceramist and art professor Quentin Bell and the artist and memoirist Angelica Garnett. An innovator...
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Courtney Stone - sassy, smart and suddenly single - has always felt she might have been better suited to life in Jane Austen's England. She senses that she would have found soul mates in Emma and Elinor, and through good times and bad S&S and P&P have been her secret under-the-duvet...
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Cambridge is a devoutly Christian slave in the West Indies whose sense of justice is both profound and self-destructive, while Emily is a morally-blind, genteel Englishwoman. Emily Cartwright's father never visited his West Indian estate—however, Emily was to learn that it was just such absenteeism...
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An evocation of the scattered offspring of Africa. A voice speaking out of a distant past describes the consequences of his desperation: his daughter and two sons condemned to the hold of an English slave ship bound for America in 1753. Here are the stories of these children: Nash, Martha, and...