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With biting humor and a firm sense of place, Albert (The Second Story Man) evokes a scene that was both exciting and dangerous: the New York bohemian subculture in the early 1960s. Archeology student Helene Elphrick desperately wants to shed both her controlling Jewish parents and her middle-class...
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A brilliant marine biologist’s last and best chance for happiness in a relationship is threatened by feelings about an abusive father. The relationship she shatters with a senseless infidelity resumes on solid ground when, while doing research on killer whales, she faces her own needs and begins to...
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A seductive psychological drama about existential opposites. Two young women, Dixie Darling and Susan Thatcher, meet at a prestigious boarding school on the San Francisco peninsula and begin an intense friendship that becomes dangerously symbiotic once they graduate and begin sharing an apartment...
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The story of a relationship between Bob Levin, a workers' compensation lawyer in Berkeley, and Jimmy Don Polk, a disabled, homeless, pan handler. Parts are true and parts are not, but which is which is not always clear. Termed "a novel" when published, its author has always believed...
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Set in Berkeley, California, in the 1970s, this novel "charts the breakup of an abusive, seventeen-year marriage. Their 'intellectual companionship' long over, Connie and her bullying husband Howard, a plant physiologist, fight so much their home 'reflects a Middle East battle zone,' with...