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From the back cover: This provocative collection of essays, short fiction, and artwork by both Americans and Canadians confronts the issues facing North America at the end of the 20th century. From Martha Allard bringing Christmas to a crack house to Jello Biafra's solution to deforestation and...
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The Paramental Appreciation Society's self-titled chapbook collects four previously unpublished dark urban fantasies set in San Francisco, lushly illustrated with Lily Beacon's black-and-white photographs. Vampires stroll Golden Gate Park. Dragons prowl Nob Hill. Witches craft curses and love...
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"The thinking person's guide to all things dark and lovely." -- Westgate "An absolutely absorbing, amazing, and affecting collection of true stories." -- About.com "Gripping, nauseating, deeply touching." -- Whole Earth Review "Unfinchingly honest...a unique and...
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Spanning the globe from Argentina to Wall Street, 27 photographers and authors document the residences of the dead. Authors consider teenage suicide, the death of parents and friends, their own mortality, the transience of fame, and the nature of death itself. In over two dozen essays and more...